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The virtues point us to a journey of mature faith and ongoing conversion despite temptations to doubt, uncertainty, and lack of charity. To live virtuously is to trust totally in the providence of God, undisturbed by vices that tempt us to make our projects more important than God's guidance. Read this book and let go of the heavy weight of excessive worry, destructive gossip, and undue meddling. Explore the virtues of the inner life like courage and gratitude, which affect our character. Know the virtues of the relational life such as forgiveness and hospitality, which strengthen the bonds between people and draws us into deeper intimacy with God. Learn how to integrate virtuous living with the situations in which we find ourselves on a day to day basis, such as patience and perseverance in handling annoying situations or when many obstacles present themselves. Grow in virtue in the face of vices in our personal and social lives.

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About the Author:
Susan Muto, PhD, is dean of the Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality. She received the 2014 Aggiornamento award presented by the Catholic Library Association in recognition of her outstanding contribution made to the ministry of renewal modeled by Pope John XXIII. Dr. Muto is a single laywoman living her vocation in the world and doing full-time, church-related ministry in the Epiphany Association. Dr. Muto is a renowned speaker, writer, and teacher- in the field of literature and spirituality. She has led conferences, seminars, workshops, and institutes throughout the world. Among her many books include One in the Lord:Living the Call to Christian Community (2013) and Table of Plenty: Good Food for Body and Spirit (2014).
Author Susan Muto
ISBN 9781940329895
Publish Date 2014
Pages 160
AuthorPage1 Muto, Susan

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