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Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good For Your Marriage by radio host Patrick Coffin is a bracing ride across the landscape of the Catholic sexual ethic. If you’re looking for intellectual ammo with which to defend and explain the teaching of Humanae Vitae, or if you reject it altogether, you’ll agree that Coffin approaches the topic from a wide array of new and persuasive angles. With humor and enthusiasm—and a total absence of moralizing—you'll learn:

  • Why Paul VI’s landmark 1968 encyclical was widely rejected a generation ago and why it’s gaining new respectability now
  • Where exactly the Bible teaches against birth control
  • The differences between contraception and natural family planning (hint: they’re more profound than you think)
  • The meaning of the natural law and how it applies to birth control
  • How the dogma of the Blessed Trinity implicit condemns birth control
  • That every single Protestant denomination rejected birth control until 1930
  • Why the myth of overpopulation is used against the Church, and how to answer it
  • How faithful adherence to the teaching of Humanae Vitae is causally related to marital happiness and longevity
  • Why it’s not too late to start over, even if you’ve been sterilized
  • How to rely on the ever-present grace of God rather than your own strength in faithfully following this challenging, life-giving aspect of Christian discipleship
  • Much, much more!

Also available as an ebook.

About the Author:

Patrick Coffin is the host of Catholic Answers Live, the number-one rated Catholic radio show in America, heard nationwide Monday to Friday, 3PM-8PM Eastern. He has published dozens of articles, essays, and interviews. Born in Nova Scotia, he is an alumnus of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, McGill University in Montreal, and Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio, where he obtained a master's degree in theology. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Mariella, and their daughters.



An interview excerpted from 'Kresta in the Afternoon', broadcast on 5/18/2010

 An Interview with Doug Keck on EWTN's Bookmark program.


An interview on  '"    Life, Family and Culture News

LOS ANGELES, December 8, 2010 ( - It is often said that the hardest journey to faith is when one approaches it, not from the outside, from atheism or lapsed faith, but from within, with just enough Christian teaching mixed with error so as to be inoculated against authentic faith.

So what does one who has traversed this arduous journey look like?  What does he do, and where does he go with his newfound faith?

In the case of Patrick Coffin, he is now a radio show host on Catholic Answer’s Live, which airs on EWTN, and has authored a book explaining his path to authentic faith. That journey was, he says, primarily about surmounting the stumbling block of Humanae Vitae, which is seen by orthodox Catholics, and even many non-Catholics, as a cornerstone of the Culture of Life.  (more...)



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For all the bluster about celibates in Rome having no right to dictate what couples do in the bedroom and the pleas for an alleged "primacy of conscience," most people have no clear idea why the Catholic Church is opposed to contraception. Do you? Archbishop Fulton Sheen famously said that millions hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church. Millions also wrongly hate what they believe to be her teaching on contraception. . . .

If you agree with the teaching of Humanae Vitae, that "each and every marital act ought to be open to new life" (no. 11), then, in the grand tradition of preaching to the choir, this book will hopefully provide ammunition for those "friendly discussions" with family members or friends who think the teaching is nonsense (or worse). If you're not sure where you stand, what follows will hopefully help you see this distinctive Christian teaching with a new set of eyes.   [


Author Patrick Coffin
ISBN 978-1-931018-58-6
Publish Date 2010
Pages 160
Binding Paperback
AuthorPage1 Coffin, Patrick

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