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Faith Basics:  Discovering the "Awe" of the Mass

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Take a walk through the Mass. To appreciate the awe of the Mass we need to view the Mass with spiritual eyes and see the reality behind the externals.

Let’s look at the Eucharistic Liturgy through spiritual lenses. Be careful—it may just take your breath away.

About the Series:
Faith Basics

Faith Basics are concise explanations of various dimensions of the Catholic Faith aimed at a popular audience. They both inform and inspire readers to understand and live the Faith. Their convenient size makes them readily portable. They are economically priced and thus are ideal for distribution in evangelization efforts, RCIA classes, study groups, and various outreach programs.

Author: Regis Flaherty
ISBN: 978-1-937155-83-4
Publish Date: 2012
Pages: 67
Binding: Paperback

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