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Crossing the Goal:  Playbook on the Virtues

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Crossing the Goal: Playbook on the Virtues from Emmaus Road Publishing maps out a strategy for becoming godly men. Written by Coach Danny Abramowicz and team members Peter Herbeck, Curtis Martin, and Brian Patrick of the popular EWTN Global Catholic Network series by the same name, this Bible study guide serves as a companion to the sports-format show. While readers can use the study guide on their own, it is even better when shared with a group of men. The “Leading a Discussion” section gives sure-to-win pointers to the “quarterbacks” or group leaders. “To Talk About” suggestions can launch discussions or give readers things to think about on their own.


Complete with on-screen photos and space for taking personal notes, the team’s playbook briefly summarizes the main points of the nine episodes. Segments featured for each episode include Kickoff (tackling a real problem men face), Game Plan (identifying the virtue needed to overcome the challenge), The Red Zone (serving up advice from the men who have been there), and The End Zone (applying practical, faith-filled wisdom to secure the victory). Pre-Game and Halftime sections further inspire readers of this book to become the virtuous men God has called them to be.


Episodes included in Crossing the Goal: Playbook on the Virtues:

  • Courage
  • Perseverance: Staying in the Game
  • Temperance: Removing the Junk
  • Temperance: Getting in Shape
  • Wisdom: Living the Truth
  • Justice: Giving What Is Due
  • Faith: A Radical Choice
  • Hope
  • Love: An Act of the Will


From the blog post of Sarah Reinhard, 'just another day of Catholic Pondering'  at  SnoringScholar.com

About the Authors:

Danny Abramowicz is a former Pro-Bowl receiver and NFL coach. He is a popular speaker and author in evangelical ministry to Catholic men, and president and founder of Crossing the Goal Ministries.

Peter Herbeck is a 25-year veteran in evangelization and Catholic renewal, both nationally and internationally. He is vice president and director of Missions for Renewal Ministries.

Curtis Martin is a national leader in evangelization and training of college students. He is president and founder of FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

Brian Patrick is broadcast veteran of television and radio for nearly 35 years. He is the host of Son Rise Morning Show in Cincinnati, and founder of GNN, The Good News Network.

Author: Danny Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Brian Patrick, Curtis Martin
ISBN: 978-1-931018-54-8
Publish Date: June 2009
Pages: 112
Size: 6.6875" x 9"
Binding: Paperback
Series: Crossing the Goal

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