Father Joseph Lawrence Ponessa, S.S.D., is a lifelong Montanan and a priest of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings. As a seminarian at Mount Angel in Oregon in the 1970s, he learned the Hebrew language and studied the Psalms under the gifted Abbot Bonaventure Zerr OSB. Later at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome in the 1980s he had a chance to study the Psalms under the noted Spanish translator Father Luis Alonso-Schökel SJ. Father Ponessa calls Hebrew his "prayer language" and has been praying the Psalms in Hebrew on a daily basis for four decades. He is the co-author of "David and the Psalms" and a number of other volumes in the Come and See Catholic Bible Study series published by Emmaus Road.

Emmaus Road Books:
Come and See: David and the Psalms
Come and See: Prophets and Apostles
Come and See: The Gospel of John
Come and See: The Synoptics
Come and See: Moses and the Torah
Come and See: Acts and Letters
Come and See: Genesis