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This Catechist’s Manual is part of the ON THE JOURNEY series of books intended to be used for the Order of Christian Initiation. This Manual is designed to be a practical help to the catechist by offering a structured way of preparing for and presenting the catechetical portion of an RCIA session. Together with the companion Participant’s Book, this Manual should enable catechists to prepare thoroughly for each teaching and to present the faith both systematically and organically. This book will contain 60 doctrinal lesson plans, with full Scripture and Catechism references. For each of the lesson plans, the manual also contains at least five suggested hymns, a Liturgy of the Word, suggested discussion questions, definitions of key terms, and suggested prayers.


Compact and helpful introduction includes . . .

  • How catechesis changes in the four periods of the RCIA
  • How to use the lesson plans most effectively
  • How to determine the order of teachings in the RCIA
  • How to teach the relationships among doctrines

Sixty lesson plans each with . . .

  • Scripture, Catechism, and key terms for catechist preparation
  • Suggested Liturgy of the Word, songs, and closing prayers
  • Single-page bulleted explanation of the truths being taught
  • Application questions for group discussion

Helpful appendices to facilitate liturgical catechesis


  • Table for matching Catechist’s Manual lesson plans and Participant’s Book handouts
  • Efficient and clear two-page lesson plans – one page for catechist preparation, one page for teaching, prayer, and group discussion


  • Over 1000 Scripture citations provided to prepare and teach the lessons
  • Balanced use of the Old Testament and the New Testament


  • Suggested Liturgies of the Word for each lesson plan, andseasonal substitutes
  • An innovative appendix for liturgical catechesis offeringdoctrines as found in the Church’s liturgical prayers


  • Between 5 and 20 suggested hymns and songs for each lesson plan, selected to complement the subject
  • Hymns and songs referencing over 450 selections from a great diversity of Christian music styles


  • Three examples of how to arrange the order of teachings, from the precatechumenate to mystagogy
  • Can be adapted for many other aspects of adult education such as general adult formation, catechist training, retreats, Bible studies, faith-sharing groups, sacramental preparation, etc.


  • Designed for systematic and organic catechesis, with hundreds of references to the Catechism
  • Presents the full splendor of the Catholic faith


  • Developed using an extensive review and editorial process
  • Field-tested by many RCIA directors and catechists

Sample pages of this book can be viewed online at:

The On the Journey Series: This collection of materials provides a practical, comprehensive and user-friendly set of resources to assist in the full implementation of the liturgical, pastoral, and catechetical aspects of the catechumenal process. The RCIA Catechist’s Manual and Participant’s Book, the first two items available in the series, are intended to be used together.

The Association for Catechumenal Ministry, founded in 1998 by a group of bishops, priests and laity, seeks to foster the full implementation of the Order of Christian Initiation by providing a communications, resource, and education network for diocesan and parish personnel involved in the work of the catechumenate.

ACM is under the counsel of several bishops to ensure that it remains closely tied to the intentions, directives, and priorities at the heart of the universal Church.

Author Association for Catechumenal Ministry
ISBN 1-933374-00-4; 978-1-933374-07-9
Publisher Liturgical Training Publications
Binding Spiral bound
Status Temporarily Out of Stock
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