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Faith and Life: Grade 2: Jesus Our Life (Student Text)

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This book is designed to help prepare children for the first reception of the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion, using the law of God and salvation history. With an added emphasis on the order of the Mass and on prayer, this book helps the students to appreciate God’s mercy and love for them as shown in these two sacraments.


Ch. 1-16: God teaches us through his law; we obey through love.

Ch. 17-23: We find forgiveness of sins through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Ch. 24-34: We prepare for life in Heaven by reception of Jesus in the Eucharist and our life in the Church.

About the Faith and Life Series: The Faith and Life religion series has been hailed as a breakthrough in the field of religious education. It is a comprehensive Catholic program that combines beautiful classical and original artwork with a solid doctrinal and scriptural presentation in an easy-to-read and stimulating format praised by teachers, students, and parents everywhere. Throughout the series, every aspect of Christian life is addressed: What we believe (the Creed), what we do (the Commandments), the means to our end (Sacraments and Liturgy), and what we hope for (Prayer and Scripture).

The Faith and Life Series features:

  • Clear, comprehensive and exciting presentation of the Catholic Faith, tailored to the different grade levels, with a foundational emphasis on Scripture and Vatican II
  • Quotations from Scripture, the liturgy, church documents and the saints highlight important points in each lesson
  • Inspirational classical and original artwork and photographs connect the lessons to the life of Christ and of the Christian
  • Questions and answers at the end of the chapters help review vital material and aid retention
  • Helpful summary sections include: Prayers and Devotions, Liturgical and Seasonal Life of the Church, Words to Know
  • Follows guidelines laid out by the General Catechetical Directory, Pope John Paul II’s Catechesi Tradendae, and the U.S. National Catholic Directory.

Newly Revised!: While much of the text, including the use of traditional language and themes, remains unchanged, it is hoped that the revised edition will be easier to use for both students and teachers. The great works of art that appear in the original edition are maintained in the revised edition. Keeping in mind the popularity of the original edition of the Faith and Life textbooks, Ignatius Press has made only minor alterations to the revised student texts. The majority of the revisions within the student texts appear in the question and answer segments of the book. Each question and answer set is now related directly to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Second Edition) and tied specifically to the material covered in each chapter. Further, the questions and answers are now more age appropriate to each grade level.

Other changes in the new edition of the student texts include:

  • The setting of key terms in boldface to allow students and teachers easy access to important terminology within the text
  • Grammatical refinements in some portions of the texts
  • More direct quotations from Holy Scripture (from the Ignatius Revised Standard Version)

  • Author: Catholics United for the Faith
    ISBN: 0-898707-06-4
    Publisher: Ignatius Press
    Pages: 177
    Size: 9 ¾” x 7 ½”
    Binding: Paperback
    Series: Faith and Life

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